Here's a short interview with Iain Reid, after the official announcement that Charlie will be adapting his novel for Netflix.

The beginning of the article is inaccurate--Charlie has won one Oscar, for the Eternal Sunshine screenplay--but the rest of the piece is nice.

"I was really excited he had read it, and over the course of several months, the more we talked, the more it became a possibility that he could potentially write the screenplay and direct it, and I was delighted if that could happen.


"I had always been a fan of his, but after talking to him, if I could have picked anyone, any contemporary filmmaker, he would have been the one," explained the Queen's University alumni, who found Kaufman to be a "nice, kind, smart person" during their conversations.

"I feel lucky and fortunate that he's the one doing it." (Source)

Variety's David Cohen visited Starburns Industries to interview Carol Koch, Anomalisa's sculptor, and to learn how she turned sketches and directors’ notes into finished designs. The video is part of Variety's "Artisans" series.

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MP3, 96MB, 163 kBits/s. Running time: 1 hour 22 mins (approx.)

The "Theater of the New Ear" MP3 contains a brief intro by Carter Burwell and Phillip Seymour Hoffman, the Coen Bros. play "Sawbones," a brief intermission with Burwell and Hoffman, Charlie's play "Hope Leaves the Theater," an outro by the campest radio announcer ever, and a few seconds of ABBA's "Supertrooper."

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I posted this on the FB page while the site was down. Here's Cotswold village of Bourton-on-the-Water. In the village, there's a scale model of the town itself. Inside the model... there's a model of the model.

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Release: 2017? (Source)

The Pitch: "The upcoming Kaufman novel in his own words 'is by design something I think is impossible to make into a movie. Sort of the opposite of what you're usually trying to do with a novel these days. It's like, it cannot be made. And that's what I set out to do.' And what's it about? 'It's about a movie,' the writer said. 'An impossible movie.'" (Source)

Publisher: Grand Central Publishing, a division of Hatchette Book Group.

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