Being Charlie Kaufman | Old News

Man the battle stations, BCK now has competition!! Warren's been hard at work behind the scenes, compiling his own Charlie Kaufman site, and it's now apparently ready for launch. Charlie, go take a lookee. (I helped him out a little early on, so really, we're on friendly terms - we don't need to man the battle stations. It just seemed a suitably dramatic thing to say.) Pay him a visit, be nice, say howdy. And then revisit it as even more content is added and/or fine-tuned. Also, he has a chat room. So go get chatty.

I remember when I first launched this site. Gigantic buttons ahoy. And much frustration because nobody was emailing me with news. Oh how times change.

How about some Charlie-related fan art, people? Wallpapers, drawings, paintings, whatever. Surely some of you are artistically talented? Or at least think you are? :-) Holy crap, I just used an emoticon. I am doomed to hell.


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