It's online now! Amazeballs.

I haven't watched it all yet -- it's midnight-ish here, so I'm half zombie with tiredness. Also, I do not know how I can download and save the vid. The usual plugins do not work. THWARTED.

Enjoy! I may come back later and make this update more coherent, when I am fully conscious and not half-asleep and all.

[Edit: it's worth pointing out that there's a complete transcript of the speech on the page I've linked to, and you can download the transcript as a PDF. The video is a slightly shortened version of Charlie's speech.] I know I've said this before, but I love the speech; it's not just about screenwriting. ("Oh, gee, the Kaufman website guy loves the Kaufman speech. Big surprise." Yeah, yeah, yeah.)

Big big thanks to Oliver and Ujwal!!

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