From all of us at BCK (there's only one of us, really, but it sounds more professional if I pretend I'm a team) Happy New Year! May your 2013 be better than your 2012, especially if your 2012 sucked, but also if your 2012 was spiffy. There can never be too much spiff.

Here's a fireworks display for you. I had to get permits to do this. I hired a fireworks technician named Sven "Two Fingers" Fredriksson to design the show.



I hope you enjoyed that Totally worth it, I think.

Hopefully, too, we'll see a new, completed, Kaufman project some time in 2013. Probably Anomalisa. Maybe we'll see -- or hear more about -- that Catherine Keener HBO series. (If anyone has the pilot script, you know where to find me...)  Maybe Frank or Francis will come to life again. (Failing that, if it gets officially canned, maybe we'll at least see the Francis screenplay online, eh?) Maybe we'll hear more about Charlie's novel. Or the Chaos Walking adaptation. Or that world leaders Spike Jonze project thingy. SO MUCH IS GOING ON. SO LITTLE OF IT WE ARE SEEING.

Anyway. Yes. HAPPY NEW YEAR.

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Pri Oono from Publisher's Weekly has some more info on Charlie's upcoming novel. YAY:

... Kaufman's debut book, it seems, will be more than meta enough for fans long accustomed to his unique movies: it is a novelization of the script for his 2002 film, Adaptation, which itself was based on Susan Orlean's book, The Orchid Thief. Clocking in at a whopping 2456 pages, the book details a midlist novelist's attempt to write the film tie-in for an Oscar-nominated movie.

"He's one of those writers who get paid to turn film scripts into novels," says Charlie, "but the film's release date is approaching, and he hasn't written a word of it because the script is kind of strange and unadaptable -- the script doesn't lend itself to a readable novel. So he kind of gets fed up and writes about his own struggle to write the novel, and in doing so, the novel becomes a huge, sprawling epic only tangentially linked to the actual film."

[...] why write a novel based on a film that was already based on a book? And why now? "I don't know," says Kaufman.

Two editions of Kaufman's novel will be available: the standard novel, and a fully illustrated, limited, deluxe pop-up version which will stand approximately three feet tall. Try putting that on your coffee table.

Grand Central Publishing estimates a release date during the first quarter of 2013. (Source)

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Random Kaufman trivia: at one stage Charlie was considering a possible script assignment, a true story about an Austrian serial killer who was caught and sent to prison, then released only to resume his killing. I sure as hell hope Charlie wasn't going to turn it into a comedy featuring a primate.

Y'know, I mentioned this on the board a while back: read this bio and tell me it doesn't look awfully familiar. A link back to my site would have been cool, but oh well. It didn't particularly grate my cheese when I first saw it - information is information and you can't copyright that. But then I find this and this and I mean really, come on. He even uses the exact same quotes from the same articles as in my bio. Several other nuggets of information had appeared nowhere at all until a couple of sources (who wish to remain anonymous) contacted me and I added the nuggets to my site. Pffffft. A link would have been nice. I wonder if that guy's boss knows he merely spent two minutes Googling then re-worded another web page. I also wonder if he was paid. Baaaaah, grumble grumble. Pity he doesn't offer an email addy. The IMDB took their Charlie Kaufman bio from my site, too (complete with outdated questionable marital info), but at least they have a link back to me. I swipe stuff from other sites all the time, yet I always credit them and provide a link.

Don't forget to check tomorrow's update. BIG EVENT COMING.

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