I noticed last week, the page for Charlie's book on Hachette's website has disappeared. Other people have noticed, too, because I'm getting emails.

I don't know why the page has disappeared, but fear not! The October date that was originally there? Probably just a placeholder (Amazon sometimes does the same thing when a book's announced--they put up a release date of January 2032 or something ridiculous, and then tweak it when more info comes in), and now that October's around the corner and we've heard nothing about the book's title or cover, it's probably a case of:

  1. Charlie hasn't finished writing it. I could be wrong, but he's probably not under a tight deadline. (What publisher would put Charlie under a tight deadline? And would Charlie sign onto a tight deadline to write his first novel? Particularly when he's got other stuff going on?)
  2. Maybe he's finished it and now it's being edited and stuff? (The publishing process is long, man.) And/or they're jazzing up a new web page for the book?
  3. Charlie has been busy with other stuff. Which is sort of like #1, but this list needs to be longer than 2 possibilities.
  4. Charlie has abandoned it. (But I doubt it. I would put this low on the scale of possibilities.)
  5. Something else.

So, you know. Fear not. It's probably nothing.




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