This is one part interesting, two parts gross*, and would probably make Caden Cotard beam.

A performance artist who said giving birth is the "highest form of art" has delivered a baby boy — inside a New York City art gallery

[...] The gallery said 19 to 20 people were present for the relatively quick birth in a birthing pool. The gallery gave no other details. A video of the birth will be added to the gallery's upcoming exhibition.

The 36-year-old artist had set up a home-birth center at the gallery, turning the space into a brightly decorated bedroom with ocean blue walls and photo-imprinted pillows. (Source)

The baby's name is Ajax.

*I know, I know. "Giving birth is one of the most beautiful things, yadda yadda."

Rhetorical question: would it have been easier to spend nine months working on a painting?

Thanks to Dave for the link!

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