Other Writing

Other Writing

Satirical magazine articles from the 1980s, and other miscellanea, written by Charlie.

Arsenic and Old Overalls: The Death of Junior Samples (Sept. 1984)

From September 1984 comes this piece, written with Paul Proch for National Lampoon magazine.

God Bless You, Mr. Vonnegut

One of several satirical pieces co-written by Charlie Kaufman and Paul Proch, and published in National Lampoon magazine, in the 1980s. (Scanned pages.)

In Loving Memory of Humphrey Bogart

From Charlie's high school year book comes his own account of playing the lead role in "Play It Again, Sam."

In Search of Excellence (Oct. 1984)

Here's a piece co-written with Paul Proch, from National Lampoon magazine.

Synecdoche, New York press kit

The Synecdoche, New York press kit includes 25 pages of information about the film: a plot synopsis, biographies of the cast and crew, plus production notes and quotes on the making of the film from Kaufman, Philip Seymour Hoffman and others.

The X-Women (Dec. 1984)

This parody of The X-Men comics, co-written with Paul Proch, appeared in National Lampoon magazine.

White Pige, Black Pig (Nov. 1984)

Co-written with Paul Proch, this appeared in National Lampoon magazine in November 1984.

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