I say "awesome" because video interviews with Charlie are relatively rare. Also because they're kind of awesome.

Charlie was in attendance for the Goteborg International Film Festival last month, in Sweden, where he was presented with the fest's first-ever Honorary Dragon Award. Which makes him sound like a badass ninja, besides being a certified rock star. I assume he had to perform a routine with throwing stars and a katana.*

As well, he presented a Master Class similar to the one he presented in the UK - basically a super-lengthy Q&A about his work to date. Including a couple of brief references to the two upcoming films.

First clip has a bunch of cool stuff, including Charlie clarifying his remarks re: George Clooney, from an interview a while back. (You know: "George Clooney is my least favourite person.") He starts talking about the upcoming films around the 9:50 mark. Frank or Francis? It's an unconventional musical.


The second clip is over an hour long. HOORAY! The new films get a mention around the 43:00 mark, but the whole thing is worth watching - lots of good stuff within.



AND AND. Taking me (and probably you) by surprise, the news continues! After talking about the two new films in that last clip, Charlie says the next thing he might like to write is the pilot for a new TV show. LIKE WHOA. No word on what it's about, though. AND he's also going to work on a play.

Massive thanks to "Sreehari" for pointing out those videos to us!



*I could've gone with a Kung Fu Panda 2 joke instead.


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