There's a new book hot off the press, called The Philosophy of Charlie Kaufman. It's a collection of "fourteen bold and engaging original essays on his screenplays and films, written by more than a dozen scholars from diverse fields of enquiry." You can grab it from Amazon for $28.49 plus shipping.

The book is divided into 3 parts: On Being and Not Being One's Self; Being, or Trying to Be, with Others; Being in the World, Partially. You can find a complete list of the essay titles, and who wrote them, and a bunch of other info, over thisaway. If you buy the book, how's about getting to Amazon via one of BCK's links? (Doesn't matter which link on the site you use.) We get a teensy cut of Amazon's profit. In another five years I'll have enough to buy a chocolate bar. As long as it's a generic brand.

Thanks to David!

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