There was a short animated film doing the festival rounds last year, called Sleeping With Charlie Kaufman. Why did I not already know this? I am shirking my responsibilities. Says Wiki:

In an interview with Xtranormal, J Roland Kelly describes the film as "...basically this absurd, funny conversation between a guy and his girlfriend. He tells her he fantasizes about her twin sister, but she doesn't have a twin sister, so it's just another way of fantasizing about her... and is she offended. [It draws on] some La Nouvelle Vague & Mumblecore elements from the kind of films I was watching at the time." (Source)

Neato. Here's an interview with Kelly.

I can't seem to find any place online that'll let me view or embed the film - a handful of sites where it used to be viewable, but nothing current. Lemme know if you stumble across anything, yeah?

UPDATE! Just received an email from J Roland Kelly, who clears it all up. Bit rushed today, so I'll just do a copy/paste:

Mick, you found me.

You're not shirking your responsibilities, my film Sleeping with Charlie Kaufman was a small affair. It started as an exercise and an homage to Mr. Charles Kaufman but grew into something more.

It had a good run but I think Sleeping with Charlie Kaufman is out of circulation. I didn't want homage to turn into exploitation and that is why you weren't able to find the film online.

On a personal note, one of the reasons that I'm such a big Charlie Kaufman fan is that I read early drafts of Kaufman's screenplays when I first started screenwriting sometime around 2006 ...and where did I get those early drafts?

I'm glad everything could come full circle.

Indeedy! Big thanks to JRK for getting in touch!

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