So here's what's been going on with the site.

Last year a security flaw popped up somewhere in BCK's back-end, and my webhost suspended the account as a safety measure, because the flaw compromised his server. I upgraded everything I could think of--all the plugins and odds and ends that keep BCK running--and we put the site back online, and all was well.

... Until January-ish this year, when the flaw again became apparent, and again the site was suspended. My host and I scheduled a time to look into the problem, but for some reason we missed each other and we ended up not looking into it, and I thought "Maybe this is a sign."

I was wondering if I ought to close the site completely and either a) just post Kaufman news on our FB page, or b) close the FB account as well. Because, you know, I've been maintaining BCK for more than 13 years now. That's a long time in internet years. I'M AN OLD MAN. Charlie hasn't been doing a lot of newsworthy stuff lately. I'm a bit busier than I once was. This stuff takes time and it takes money, and I have less of both than I did 13 years ago. Maybe I ought to move on and do other stuff. It's inevitable.

So I procrastinated, as I always do. For weeks I procrastinated. It's a skill I have.

I was really close to pulling the plug on all but the FB page and maybe the Twitter account.

But today (as I type this, anyway), the site's back online. I don't know why. Maybe it's only temporary. I'm gonna look into it soonly.

Sooooo... that's where we're at.

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