BCK has officially been chronicling Charlie's career for 14 years today. (Well, yesterday. Didn't get a chance to update until today, though.)

We are old.

In internet terms, we are very old indeed.

I don't know how many other fan sites I've seen drop off the vine in that time. Quite a few. Certainly more than fifteen and less than a million.

I assume it's because the sites' owners found other interests or ran out of money or got married and had kids and went parasailing or got sued. Luckily--and in some cases miraculously--none of those things have happened to me so far.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BCK. We accept any gifts that are preceded by a dollar sign. If anything will be the undoing of BCK, money is probably it.

Got a few little newsy updates to post. If time permits, I'll get onto those during the week.

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