Script tease, another interview with Spike, Charlie and Nic. Apparently Adaptation opens in Portland Oregon on Friday.

The Online Film Critics' Society announced their picks of the year. Charlie and Donald took out Best Adapted Screenplay. More info. (Note: the board's down at the moment, so that link mightn't work right now. Check it again later.)

Further to the gossip about the Amelia character I posted on Sunday, this from John Laroche's fiancee, Kerry:

John and I received a copy of the script just before they started filming... and Susan and Charlie didn't end up together there... and not in the first draft of the script we had either. Amelia didn't exist either though... she was created after the script we read... so not sure what caused that turn around.

While we're sort of on the subject, I get a bunch of emails from people wanting me to spell out which parts of Adaptation were true and which were not, and some of you have asked about the John Laroche porno site. *sigh* You are all depraved individuals. I bring forth official word that Mr. L is not a porn king. More info. (That link goes to the board, too. If it doesn't work, try again later.)

Does Charlie Kaufman have a cameo in Adaptation? (Ditto - this is on the board, too. Baaaaah.)

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