Remember the anonymous source who sent in MP3s of the entire Adaptation soundtrack? He/she returneth with a bit of trivia:

I met an old friend for lunch today who had a small part in “Adaptation.” He explained that in the original script, Charlie and Susan end up together at the end. They shot some of those scenes, and there was absolutely no chemistry between Cage & Streep, so THAT'S when they added the character of Charlie's girlfriend (Amelia?)

Also, there was a love scene between Meryl Streep and the Indian that was also cut from the film.

(Almost) all in the mind - Craig Mathieson from The Age talks to Spike and Charlie about Adaptation. Not a lot of quotes, but oh well. We do learn that Charlie and Spike both like soup.

With no great surprise I report that the Florida Film Critics Circle have named Adaptation Best Film, Meryl Best Supporting Femme (actually Best Supporting Actress, but Femme sounds sexier), and Chris Cooper Best Supporting Actor. Charlie and his bro took out another Best Screenplay accolade. Scorcese won Best Director, so no glory for Spike in Florida. More info.

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