Got an email from Jerry, who wants to know what the quote is, that appears at the end of Adaptation's credits. It's attributed to Donald's script, and Jerry has been told it's "profound," but alas, Jerry was gone by the time the quote appeared. If you remember the quote, how's about dropping me a line? And if you're about to go see the film, how's about sticking around for that quote and dropping me a line after? Many thanks.

Mike Nichols (The Graduate, Birdcage) has written a piece for the LA Times about Adaptation's significance to the whole film scene: how it's a movie that creates discussion and debate, and gets the audience to actually use its noggin a little. Thanks M. Bateman and Steve.

My amigo Renee (Admire My Cage) did some number crunching and came up with a figure of $4,141,000 estimated earnings for Adaptation, as of Dec. 29. Which isn't too shabby for 109 theatres, and the kind of film it is. More info here. (Yeah, okay, I may exaggerate when I say Renee did the number crunching herself. But I'm sure she's more than capable of very impressive crunching when she feels the need.)

Back around November 15 I mentioned an article about Charlie in Creative Screenwriting. Jeff Goldsmith, who wrote the piece, dropped me a line the other day to say howdy, and told me a little more about the article.

It's a good 9 pages long...I really got a lot of good stuff out of him as Mr. Kaufman was quite generous and as always brilliant during the interview.

It's basically a Q&A with Spike/Charlie then a script analysis of Confessions and Adaptation clocking in some of the interesting changes that Charlie made during his re-writing process on both drafts.

Sounds mucho cool. But of course I can't find a copy anywhere out here.

I've been completely lazy checking my email lately but I'm pretty sure that's about it for today.

Don't forget to email me if you know the quote at the end of Adaptation.

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