...there's one very meaningful blurb that could be applied to "Adaptation," one that wouldn't help sell it to audiences (wouldn't want that, would we, Messrs. Kaufman and Jonze?) but that would chop straight to the core of what "Adaptation" is, and what it's proud of being.

Cheat! (Source)

Them thar's fightin' words from Salon's Stephanie Zacharek.  If for some reason that link doesn't work, the same article is here.  It's a long piece comparing Adaptation to other recent book-to-film adaptations, and explaining why you've been suckered if you like the movie.

There's a quick chat here between Charlie, Spike and J. Rentilly. Nothing we haven't already read before, but I'm that obsessive guy with the Kaufman website, so there's the link anyway.

Likewise, here's a nothing-new-but-what-the-hell round-table chat with Spike, Charlie and Nic.

Images Journal gives Adaptation 3.5 out of 4.

Incidentally, Adaptation opens in Seattle on December 20. Which is today here in Australia, but tomorrow over there.

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