Being Charlie Kaufman | Old News

Charlie and Donald took out Best Screenplay honours at the Boston Film Critics Awards. Take that, LA. (Thanks WiLL) The New York Film Critics Circle Awards also resulted in a Best Screenplay nod for Charlie and Donald. (More info on that here, free registration probably required.) Thanks to regarding: Adaptation for the NY info.

Adaptation found a slot in The American Film Institute's Top 10 films of the year. It's an unranked list, so it didn't finish in any particular position. But if it were listed alphabetically, it would come in third, which is why I believe the movie should be retitled Aaaahhhh. Says the AFI:

ADAPTATION is a film that makes the word "original" seem ordinary. Both entertaining and intelligent, the film mercilessly destroys an audience's expectations and demands that it keep up…keep laughing…or be cut out of the final draft.

More info here.

Charlie Nguyen from Aussie mag Film Ink dropped me a note to let us know there's an exclusive interview with Charlie K in the current issue. The article's not online, so you'll have to get yourself a copy of the magazine if you want to read it. (If any of you buy a copy, how's about a scan, hey?) I see Spike gets a mention on the cover, too.

From Anthony, this short but worthy interview with Charlie re: Adaptation. It's from a West Australian news site that brings word Confessions of a Dangerous Mind will be out here come February, and Human Nature will finally hit our shores next April.


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