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Adaptation opens in Chicago this Friday. How do I know this? I used The Force.

Roger Ebert gets the Quote of the Week Award: "The publicity for this movie is being handled with all the candor of Putin explaining what was in the gas." You win nothing for guessing the film he's talking about. The runner-up award goes to Nicolas Cage: "Maybe his greater confidence made him seem like he had more hair." And no, he's not talking about Human Nature. These little nuggets came from Ebert's combination Adaptation review/interview with Charlie, Spike and Nic here. Thanks to Renee (Admire My Cage).

Further to the video/DVD release date information mentioned the other day, John Couture from VideoETA dropped me a note to say he's just recently talked to their Columbia rep, and they're looking to move it to June at the earliest, if not July, because of the awards buzz surrounding the film:

Basically, studios like to release the big Oscar winners in June since the solicitation period falls in April and May, when the Oscar winners will be on the minds of video retailers.

Thanks to John for the info.

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