The Wall Street Journal has a short write-up on the Greene/Kaufman/BrainWave/crazy-physics event at the Rubin. It's good stuff and you should check it out. Here's an interesting little snippet for ya:

Later, Kaufman was also asked if any of the information he'd learned from Greene would make it into any of his scripts, and he talked about one scene from a movie he hoped to finish one day. He described the story as being like a palindrome (so that the film would make sense if seen from both beginning to end, and from the end to the beginning). In one scene that he was particularly proud of, a woman feeds her husband a hot dog for dinner, and he asks for mustard. She replies that she'll buy it tomorrow. Kaufman explained how the scene also worked backwards, noting that “in one scenario, she's really nice to her husband. In the reverse, she's really f—ing with his head. It's all in the marketing.” (Source)

If he could find a way to make that screenplay work, I would definitely check out the film. (Obviously I'd check it out, what with me running this here site and all. But even if I didn't, I would. Oh, you know what I mean.)

Which reminds me of "Dammit I'm Mad," a 224-word palindrome poem by Demetri Martin. (Who is, incidentally, a really good comedian.) You should check that out as well, but prepare to have your mind TOTALLY BLOWN.

Big thanks to Tim for the Wall St. link.

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