New Charlie interview! It's more of a chat, really, and there's nothing about Frank or Francis or his project with Spike, but it's worth checkin' out. The interview starts like this:

Mr. Kaufman, how are you?

I am not that great. How are you?

Which I'm sure put the interviewer at ease. Random aside, though: I have a habit of replying "Good" when people ask how I am, even if I'm not good. It's automatic. It's what you're s'posed to say. I always tell myself I'm gonna give an honest answer the next time someone asks. But then I forget.


Here's another snippet, on why Charlie doesn't have an assistant (for research and stuff):

I've never had one. The only time I had an assistant was as a director. For co-production I had an assistant. But, no, I never had an assistant in any way other than that. I don't know what they would do. They would sit next to me in my office in my house and that would be really weird. Research for me is part of the learning process. No one else could do it for me.


I read things really haphazardly "“ something leads me to something else. I spend five hours going through things online and oh, that leads me to this. How could anyone else do that? So the answer is no. (Source)

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