Get a Life! is now on DVD -- it's the first time the entire series has been available to buy on disc. Charlie wrote a couple of episodes in the second season, you know. Over here is a contest where you can win a free copy (you'll need a Twitter account to enter). The A.V. Club has a great new article about the show, too. Here's how it starts:

Watching Get A Life two decades after its enormously influential—though little-watched—run, it’s remarkable that a show so strange ever made it onto the air, let alone lasted two seasons and 35 episodes. Then again, the upstart Fox network had taken huge gambles on unconventional, boundary-pushing fare like The Simpsons and Married… With Children and hit big, so there was at least some level of calculation behind the risk of green-lighting such an unusual show. Nonetheless, Get A Life had the misfortune of being both a product of its era and defiantly ahead of its time. Decades before Community, Get A Life deconstructed both the sitcom genre and entertainment as a whole in ways both silly and surreal. And well before the rise of Curb Your Enthusiasm, Eastbound & Down, and other sitcoms featuring sociopathic antiheroes, Get A Life featured a protagonist who wasn’t just goofy or a little misguided, but completely insane, a horrible, narcissistic human being. (Source)

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