From all of us at BCK (there's only one of us, really, but it sounds more professional if I pretend I'm a team) Happy New Year! May your 2013 be better than your 2012, especially if your 2012 sucked, but also if your 2012 was spiffy. There can never be too much spiff.

Here's a fireworks display for you. I had to get permits to do this. I hired a fireworks technician named Sven "Two Fingers" Fredriksson to design the show.



I hope you enjoyed that Totally worth it, I think.

Hopefully, too, we'll see a new, completed, Kaufman project some time in 2013. Probably Anomalisa. Maybe we'll see -- or hear more about -- that Catherine Keener HBO series. (If anyone has the pilot script, you know where to find me...)  Maybe Frank or Francis will come to life again. (Failing that, if it gets officially canned, maybe we'll at least see the Francis screenplay online, eh?) Maybe we'll hear more about Charlie's novel. Or the Chaos Walking adaptation. Or that world leaders Spike Jonze project thingy. SO MUCH IS GOING ON. SO LITTLE OF IT WE ARE SEEING.

Anyway. Yes. HAPPY NEW YEAR.

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