"Star Wars: Sequel Debacle" is a completely silly but clever (but mostly silly) Flash game that, as WIRED puts it, "lets you choose the parameters that you think could/would/should underlie the announced Star Wars: Episode VII and see how the public and critics would receive the film thus produced." You can choose a writer (INCLUDING CHARLIE!), director (INCLUDING CHARLIE!), star and title for the film, then hit "Launch" and see what kind of review the film receives. WIRED again: "Obviously, it’s all in fun, and in fact the parameters clearly only somewhat affect the outcome, as hitting the “Launch” button repeatedly with the same entries often produces wildly different results."

Recommended if you enjoy silly pointless things and/or procrastination.

Star Wars: Sequel DebacleStar Wars: Sequel Debacle

You can play it here. Thanks to Ezra!


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