Totally unrelated to Charlie, and a bit sneaky of me, but screw it: I have a short story in the current issue of Aurealis -- Australia's longest-serving scifi/fantasy magazine -- and you can grab an e-copy for the super low sum of $2.99, if you're interested in what I get up to when I'm not stalking Charlie. (No print edition, alas. Just .mobi, .epub, .pdf, .lrf, .pdb, .rtf and .txt -- all included in the three bucks.)

(For newcomers to BCK, I should repeat that I'm not Charlie Kaufman, I'm just the guy who runs this site. Charlie does not have a short story in Aurealis.)

Aurealis #69 includes a story by BCK's webmasterAurealis #69 includes story by BCK's webmaster

"It Came From A Party Supplies Store" is a comedy about a man who tries to prank his grandkid's friends, by dressing up as an alien and scaring them on a creepy forested road at night... but the man gets stuck inside the alien costume, and hijinks ensue. It's about 1500 words and not Kaufmanesque in any major way. ("One of those rarities—an SF story that aims to be funny, and actually is funny," says the editor.)

It would both amuse and please me greatly if this became their biggest selling issue of all time and critics vomited over it with joy and I won a Nobel and became rich and had to take out restraining orders on most of the female population.

So, you know. Link is there and also here if you're interested and feel like supportin' the arts.

The rtf file has my title written in reverse on the contents page. I'm scared to read the actual story, in case of proofreading boo boos.

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