This is month-old news. I've been slacking. Charlie's no longer attached to The Knife of Never Letting Go, an adaptation of the first book in Patrick Ness' YA scifi series Chaos Walking. Variety says Jamie Linden is now on board.

So now the only things on Charlie's plate are:

- A novel for Grand Central Publishing, about which we don't know anything else.

- How and Why, the sitcom FX passed on. Maybe someone else will pick it up?

- Frank or Francis, the film that had a cast lined up but couldn't get enough funding and is now floating in development hell. Maybe it'll happen one day.

- The "world leaders" project that Spike occasionally mentions. I don't know if it's been written--I doubt it--but Spike has said it may happen one day.

- Anomalisa, the animated adaptation of Charlie's "sound play." That one's definitely coming and it will be awesome.

- Probably one or two other things I have forgotten.

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