New thing that might happen: a Kaufman-scripted adaptation of Arthur Herzog's 1978 science fiction novel I.Q. 83. But take this news with a pinch of salt, because the project has been bouncing around Hollywood for nearly 20 years. Deadline reports:

Charlie Kaufman has been signed to do a page one rewrite of I.Q. 83, an adaptation of Arthur Herzog’s classic 1978 science fiction novel that Paramount is now developing as a star vehicle for Steve Carell. [...] The plan is for Carell to play Dr. James Healey, who led a group of scientists that conducted DNA experiments that unleashed an airborne virus that ravages the population. The affliction isn’t fatal but pretty bad; it progressively lowers the IQ of the afflicted, more effectively than a marathon of the Kardashians’ reality show. It becomes a race against time as the scientist struggles for a cure, even as he feels himself growing dumber. He watches crowds regressing into animal packs and sees the president of the United States try to comfort the masses, only to babble and drool on television.

[...] Herzog wrote it as serious science fiction, but the aim of this new version is to do a scathing satire, on the order of Doctor Strangelove. (Source)

Andrew Lazar is producing. He worked with Charlie on Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, and with Carell on Get Smart. Lazar brought the project to DreamWorks, back in the day, and now Paramount own it. As with every other project Charlie's been linked to in the past few years, read this one with a cocked eyebrow and crossed fingers. More info at the link above.

Thanks to Jon, Paul, and Jonah!

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