[Update: added a link to an interview with the video's creator, who is indeed inspired by Charlie. See the end of this post.]

Weird thing of the week: this credit sequence for Too Many Cooks. The sitcom itself doesn't exist, but the credits air late at night on Adult Swim. And they go on. And on.

Gawker says:

The credits never end. For 12 minutes, they go on, piling up characters, switching genres, looping, warping, rewinding, getting more and more bizarre and violent as they progress. According to The A.V. Club, Adult Swim has been airing the segment late at night recently, in a block of time labeled "Infomercials," so that viewers don't know it's coming. (Source)

When I saw this, of course I thought of Charlie's How and Why. Particularly that script's opening scene, which starts out like a generic sitcom and ends with the suicide of the lead character, who's sick of living a generic sitcom-like existence.

Update: The video's creator is Squidbillies writer Chris "Casper" Kelly, and he was indeed inspired by the likes of Charlie Kaufman and David Lynch. EW interviewed him about Too Many Cooks:

What does this all mean? People are going to dissect this thing and pull out the themes and deeper implications. What do you want the takeaway to be?
That’s a tough one. Here’s what it is: I’m a fan of David Lynch and Charlie Kaufman and Tim and Eric, and I wanted to try to do something weird like that. I was working intuitively, and there’s a quote Elvis Costello has that I really like. He said, “You start out imitating your heroes, and the way you f–k up becomes your style.” (Source)

Thanks to my pal Julie for the EW find.

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