Mike Ryan interviewed Charlie and Duke Johnson for Uproxx, and the interview will be published soon. Ryan's been dying to ask Kaufman about an unaired sketch Charlie wrote for The Dana Carvey Show, titled "Weirder Al Yankovic," and that snippet from their conversation is already online:

Robert Carlock said you wrote a sketch in which Weirder Al Yankovic converts Weird Al’s songs back to normal?

No, I think the sketch went: There was Weird Al Yankovic, Weirder Al Yankovic, Weirdest Al Yankovic and — I’m not sure, I may be making this part up — then there was Regular Al Yankovic. And they were just named that by their parents. So, it got more and more insane. One of them would do a parody of the other one doing the other one. And then the third one would turn it back to the regular song.

I wish this existed.

Well, a lot of people really liked it and talked about it. And then they were going to do it on Mr. Show, because Dino Stamatopoulos and David Cross and Bob Odenkirk all worked on Carvey. But Mr. Show decided that they didn’t want to do anything that was based on real people in popular culture. That was one of their rules. So, it never got made. It’s a shame. [Sarcastically] It’s a terrible shame. (Source)

Charlie was Charlie, even back then.

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