Cate Blanchett and Paul Reubens might be joining the cast of Frank or Francis, but you should take this info with a pinch of salt for the time being.

On a trip to Australia a few months back, promoting Crazy, Stupid, Love, Steve Carell suppsedly let slip that Cate had joined the cast.

Meanwhile, there's a password-protected post on a website called The Tracking Board, with a headline reading "Paul Rubens and Cate Blanchett Choose SIdes in 'Frank Or Francis'." If you mosey on over to the New York Times' small overview of Frank, Reubens and Blanchett are listed in the cast as "Grape Snow" and "Magda / Ghost of Right & Left Thumb," respectively. Grape Snow is a bitter old film critic, described at one point in the script as "a bronzed 70 year old with jet black hair and an ascot." Magda is a "thumbless Romanian waitress."

Reubens isn't 70 years old, and Cate is neither thumbless nor Romanian, but I can certainly see them playing these roles.

RUMOUR ONLY!! But I figured I should mention it. If anyone can provide a definitive yea or nay on the rumours, I'll be a happy camper.

Edit: One of BCK's pals points out that Cate will shortly be busy with a pair of Malick films and theatre commitments and stuff. Word is she possibly turned down the Thumbless Romanian waitress role. CRAZINESS!

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