John Lopez talks Frank or Francis on Vanity Fair's blog, specifically about how Charlie's script takes aim at Hollywood and tears the film industry a new one. Lopez wonders what kind of impact the film might have on the industry, if any, assuming that it gets made.

Now, casting announcements on the Internet are a dime a dozen, one degree above banner ads for online poker, but any motion to make Frank or Francis a reality is newsworthy if only because the script is a Trojan horse of knife-sharp meta-satire aimed straight at the heart of the industry Kaufman knows too well. It's an all-out attack on awards season.

[...] The text has swum around Hollywood's development kiddie pool as the current title holder for most "Unmakeable Film Out There." Not because it's a bizarre, phantasmagoric Rubik's cube of dark humor—it is—but because the movie aims to take down the entire raison d'être of awards season and the explosion of film blogging that's accompanied it. (Source)

I doubt it'll have a noticeable impact on Hollywood. I hope it does, but I doubt it.

A small correction to Lopez's piece, though: Francis isn't a blogger. He's a blog commenter. (I kept calling him a blogger, too, when the script was first being spoken about.)

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