Jack Black is at the SXSW Film Festival promoting Bernie, and he chatted with indieWIRE about Frank or Francis. The whole article's worth a read, and it's brief, but here are snippets:

Black revealed he didn't know how soon shooting was set to begin, but he characterized the film to The Playlist as an incisive portrait of celebrity culture.

"It's really an incredible look at our entertainment-obsessed societ. [...] It's the most original film about Hollywood that I've ever read. I love it and I'm very excited about it."

[...]  "It's a musical, but I don't know how much of it will be sung and how much will just be spoken," Black explained. "I haven't heard the music yet; that's still in production."

[...] Black added that it offers a particularly savvy dissection of the obsessive attention that celebrity-worship inspires. "There's some just beautifully written examinations of celebrity as a mental illness that blow my mind." (Source)

Thanks to Doreen for the heads up! Doreen wrote Confessions of an Original Mind, a bio of the Kauf.

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