Empire currently has a feature called "Kaufman on Kaufman," wherein Rock 'n' Roll comments on each of his films to date. He doesn't put the boot into Clooney again over Confessions, and I notice he doesn't give any comment at all about Human Nature (he talks about Michel instead), but the Synecdoche entry is pretty interesting:

"It opened in the US in October and the reviews were really polarised: extraordinarily passionately positive or worst-movie-ever-made kind of thing. So no, I don't feel vulnerable anymore. I think I did. I was hurt by what I saw as personal, weird stuff that went on, to the point where I had to figure out how I was going to proceed. [I thought] 'I just don't want to do this anymore. I don't want to make movies anymore. I don't particularly like people anymore, I don't feel like I want to give them anything.' But I've come out of it and I'm working on something now.

Is Synecdoche a horror film? In some ways, yeah. I just want to be careful calling it a horror film because I don't want to mislead people who are expecting it to be something it's not. I think it's about scary things. It's a troubled movie, but it's still got some comedy in it.

When I can control the marketing, I try to. When people put things on posters like 'From the wild brain of Charlie Kaufman' - which happens a lot - I insist it's not there. I don't want to become a commodity or brand or repeat myself trying to establish something to people. Given that there are certain things I guess I think about, there's maybe some stylistic similarities and things that I do over time, but I'm not trying for it."

(Emphasis added)Thanks to Nathaniel!

Meanwhile, Stuart McGurk interviewed Charlie and came away with news that Kaufman has been thinking about returning to television and creating his own show.

Charlie Kaufman has, by his own admission, “had his time in the sun”. “And now,” says the Oscar-winning writer of Eternal Sunshine of the ­Spotless Mind and Being John Malkovich, “it's time to destroy me. People get bored and want to kill you. It's the way of the world.”

... “I am seriously considering it,” he says, mentioning that he's had talks. “I would want my own show. I like the idea of ­telling something over time. It might be a fun challenge. The movie business has changed, and with the stuff I do, it would be an interesting place to go.” (Source)

That's something I'll bet we'd all love to see, but I dunno. In TV, critics get to kill you every week (unless and until your show is cancelled), and it's pretty damned cutthroat in television these days. He'd definitely need someone behind him like HBO, where ratings aren't particularly important. On the other hand, TV frequently seems more creative than cinema right now, and writers/directors often speak of having more freedom in television. If Kaufman hires Darin Morgan as part of his writing staff, I'm totally there. (Seriously, Charlie; you should look into Darin's work, and then BEG him to join you on a project. I think it'd be all kinds of cool. Also, maybe look into giving Crispin Glover some kind of role.)

The entire McGurk/Kaufman interview is worth a read, but here's one last quote:

He is at work on ­another script – “about how we have perceptions on things that are not remotely familiar to us” – and aims to direct.

Let the wild and probably inaccurate speculation begin!

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