EbertFest is on this week -- US film critic Roger Ebert's annual film fest -- and he's just announced that it'll be streaming live on the web. April 23rd he's screening Synecdoche, New York and the after-show Q&A features Charlie K. Which means the Kauf will probably be streaming live on Friday (US time). From Ebert's blog:

Ebertfest 2010 will be streaming live from April 21 to 25. That will include the morning panels at the University of Illinois and the Q&A sessions after screenings at the Virginia theater. Check the running times to ballpark the Q&A starts. (Source)

More info at the link above.

For those of us not in a convenient time-zone, a recording of the Q&A might be nice? Maybe? But the resulting file might be a gazillion MB, in which case I probably couldn't upload it. So YouTube or something? If anyone has the technology and a method for us to hear it without, you know, getting all sued or crashing a server or sending Mick broke or destroying the Large Hadron Collider and sending us into an alternate universe, I'm open to ideas. Just putting it out there, yo.

UPDATE: Here's Ebert introducing Synecdoche:

And they seem to be archiving the streams over here. Q&As for other films are already available, so maybe Charlie will pop up soon.

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