Two articles by Melissa Merli at Ebertfest, where Charlie was awarded the Golden Thumb by Roger Ebert. The first comes via the "Out and About" blog at the News-Gazette. Merli says the Kaufman Q&A has been the most interesting so far at the festival:

Michael Barker, co-president of Sony Pictures Classics, which released the movie," said he thinks the "haters" don't know how to watch the movie, didn't give it a chance and have to see it in the right context.

One would be Ebertfest, where the sold-out house began laughing soon after the movie started.

Kaufman, who sat through most of the screening, said it was "comforting" to hear the laughter.

"I've read online countless arguments between people who think it's a comedy and people who don't," he said.

"This is funny but not like ‘The Hangover'" is funny.

[...] The writer-director also said the most any writer in general can offer as a creative person is to be themselves and to be as honest as they can be "because maybe then you can bridge a distance between you and other people" and make them feel less alone. (Source)

And this comes from the article which appeared in the News-Gazette proper:

Producer Anthony Bregman, on stage after the screening, said "Synecdoche" came together "at the very last time a movie like this could come together."

"The kind of financing and mechanism to get complex or big movies like this out in the world doesn't exist right now," the producer said. "It's not a cheap movie. It's not a typical movie."

[...] Kaufman called director voice overs "terrible" and said he did one once and won't do it again.

"The movie is the movie," he said. "Me talking over the movie and telling you what happened that day on the set or what went wrong is not the movie." (Source)

If he'd thought of that five or six years ago, he would've saved me from having to post a naked photo of myself on this here website. (To re-cap: leading up to the release of the Eternal Sunshine DVD, I promised to post a nude photo of myself if Kaufman did a commentary for the film. He did, and I did*. And since then the marriage proposals just haven't stopped rolling in.)

Thanks to Laurel!

*It was a baby photo. Don't get too excited.

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