Flourish of trumpets!

Behind the cut, in seven eight parts - had to put it behind the cut because of a technical glitch - is the Q&A Charlie participated in after Synecdoche screened at EbertFest. (The EbertFest YouTube channel can be found here.)

My esteemed informant Nathaniel says that it seems they were having trouble getting the Q&A to upload correctly to the official Ebertfest site. Which proves that the Kauf is TOO MUCH FOR THE INTERNETS TO HANDLE. And they will try adding the Q&A to Vimeo soon. We're not sure who THEY are. I'm assuming, since they're referred to as "they," that they lurk in shadows and wear overcoats and say things such as "The chicken flies at midnight over the leaky hammer." IT'S SHADY AS HELL, PEOPLE.

(Note: Turns out I missed the 8th part. So now there're 8 behind the cut -- thanks to Matthew for the heads up.)

















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