Videogum have an ongoing feature where they hunt for the worst movie of all time. Readers are allowed to nominate films, based on a set of rules, and Videogum takes a look at the choices. This week: Synecdoche, New York. You might think they spend several paragraphs bashing the film, but that's not what it is at all.

Because as you will find, although we are discussing Synecdoche, New York in the Hunt for the Worst Movie today, it would appear that the trail has gone cold (good metaphor) because in fact this is not the worst movie. In fact it's a very good movie. It might even be a great one.

[...] why do people think that this is the Worst Movie of All Time? It's clearly not. But obviously people's dislike of it goes beyond a simple dislike and into something deeper. The best I can manage is what I mentioned earlier about some of the film's focus on "existential crisis" feeling simplistic and pushy. Ultimately, I think the movie has a lot more to say, but maybe people get stuck on that. Also, there is plenty of Charlie Kaufman-esque absurdity that does, at times, feel unhinged from any narrative purpose. Even after the second viewing, I'm still not sure why Samantha Morton's house was always on fire? (Source)

And the review finishes with the declaration that the film is good, and you should see it twice. See? Not what you were expecting.

Thanks to Sarah for the find!

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