Omni Reboot's Claire L. Evans has written a really cool article, in which she examines Seinfeld's "Parking Garage" episode as a "Ballardian nightmare: the pornography of infinity, somehow contained within a New Jersey mall." Which brings to mind that giant warehouse with Schenectady inside it, eh?

Indeed, the more I reflect on The Parking Garage, the more it evokes a specifically Ballardian nightmare: this so-called pornography of infinity, contained within a New Jersey mall. Like the Unidentified Space Station [in this short story], which conceals, from the outside, its magnificent vastness, The Parking Garage becomes its own world, a replacement—literally, since they broke the apartment set down to build the mirror-garage—for the comfortable parameters of Jerry Seinfeld’s ordinary world. It seems to have its own mores; Elaine, desperately seeking a stranger to drive them around the lot and help find the car, only comes into contact with indifference and aggression. No one will help, because on some level no one here is real. (Source)

Big thanks to Garrison for the link!

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