2 Movies A Week is a new blog from Sean Phillips. Each week he'll be reviewing a pair of films that folks might've missed, and Synecdoche, New York is one of the first on the site, alongside Life Itself.

I decided to pair these two in my original post because there is a (small) connection between the two.

The first, "Life Itself" (2014) is a brand-spanking-new documentary about the life of the most famous film reviewer who ever lived, Roger Ebert.

The second, "Synecdoche, New York" (2008) is, in this writers opinion, the most ambitionus fictional narrative ever made. It was written and directed by Charlie Kaufman, the Oscar winner for 'Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind' for best original screenplay in 2004. His other credits include writing 'Being John Malcovich'(1999) and 'Adaptation.'(2002) Kaufman was also nominated for best original screenplay again for the latter. Nicholas Cage stared in that film and gave performances worth two Nick Cages. (Source)

Lost in Translation and Summer Hours are the next two to be reviewed.

Thanks, Sean!

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