South African artist Lorraine Loots created miniature watercolour paintings every day for two years. The prints are on display at Three Kings Studio in Williamsburg until 15 July. Bedford and Bowery have an interview with Loots, and Rob Scher asks Loots if she has ever seen Synecdoche, New York.

With your “Paintings for Ants” receiving their first international exhibit in New York, your success kind of echoes Catherine Keener’s character in Synecdoche New York. Mostly, what I’m trying to ask is: what’s the deal with miniature art and why do you think people seem to like it so much?

I watched that movie years ago. I still vaguely remember the feeling I had when I watched that scene of [Keener’s] exhibit, it affected me deeply and certainly filtered through… I think it has something to do with the idea of being able to hold something in the palm of your hand. It makes it kind of like a treasure, or a gemstone. People also like to get right up to the painting and there’s something interesting about that. Using a magnifying glass lets them see more than what I saw when I created that painting because I don’t use one. (Source)

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