Douglas Gordon

Douglas Gordon's play is not getting good reviews, so he took to the theater wall with an axe.

A Turner prize-winning artist who is directing a play at the Manchester international festival has been hit with a repair bill after taking an axe to the walls of a new £25m theatre. Douglas Gordon, who won the Turner in 1996 for his video piece, Confessions of a Justified Sinner, signed and dated the damage to the concrete walls of the Home venue, where his show Neck of the Woods is being staged.

The play, which stars the Broadchurch actor Charlotte Rampling and is based on the children’s fable Little Red Riding Hood, has received several poor reviews. (Source)

Says Hollywood Reporter: "The Guardian dubbed the play 'all style and no fangs.' The Telegraph said it 'has almost no force at all.'"

If he'd spent an extra 16 years rehearsing it in a New York-sized building, perhaps there would have been much more axing involved. Playwrights, man. They be crazy.

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