Suzette Smith from the Portland Mercury has been watching Charlie's films stoned, and blogging the results. Someone had to do it, right? She has worked her way through all six of Charlie's films (including Confessions and Human Nature!) in the lead-up to Anomalisa. Here's part of Synecdoche:

Okay, I immediately regret watching this movie stoned. I feel like I’m missing a lot of important things, but I’m also unable to hold back that sinking feeling that accompanies conceptualizing the inevitable decline of existence. That’s my toast and tea when I’m not stoned. Shit!

[...] He’s dead, right? People keep saying stuff like: "Then you died." But they also tell him he abandoned his family when clearly his wife left him. The passage of time is suspicious. That also leads me to believe he’s dead.

[...] When I was done watching Synecdoche, New York I was still high and I felt like shit. My notes are: "I don’t know how I’m going to write about this. I want to put down my notes and walk away." (Source)

There are links to the other films in that post.

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