I came across this and thought I ought to show my BCK homies, because it's strange and hypnotic and kind of annoying. Just like my BCK homies.

I don't really mean that. I take most of it back.

Since Charlie K has been interviewed on Charlie Rose, and since this clip reminded me of a certain scene in a particular John Malkovich film, and since the 2nd most popular comment under this video, on YouTube, is "MALKOVICH! Malkovich, malkovich malkovich Malkovich," I give you this:

I think we all just learnt something. Surely.

Here's the description that goes with the clip:

Something has happened to PBS favorite "Charlie Rose." The erudite conversations and sober intellectualism have been replaced by an absurd world where illogic, inane dialogues, and open hostility rule. The one-on-one interview between Charlie and his guest begins as usual but quickly goes awry, so much so that Charlie is warned that, somewhere, a man named "Steve" is "not happy." But who is "Steve" and why is he angry? And why does the mere mention of his name stop Charlie cold? Using appropriated footage from a single episode of "Charlie Rose," filmmaker Andrew Filippone Jr. creates something both disturbing and farcical in "'Charlie Rose' by Samuel Beckett."

A "Rolling Stone" magazine "Top 10" (May 15, 2008).

Featured in "New York" magazine's "Approval Matrix" (May 5, 2008).

Alexis Madrigal of "The Atlantic" on CRBSB: http://bit.ly/cqs9qH

Very Short List on CRBSB: http://bit.ly/rAR3U

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