Being John Malkovich is gonna get the Criterion treatment in May. Yay! According to indieWIRE:

The meta movie (in addition to getting some fantastic artwork) will be graced with a selective scene commentary by Michel Gondry, two documentaries by Jonze pal and longtime collaborator Lance Bangs, two films-within-the film ("7½ Floor Orientation" and "American Arts & Culture Presents John Horatio Malkovich, 'Dance of Despair and Disillusionment'") and much more. So where's Jonze on the commentary? Well, he generally does not do them at all (though here he does discuss the film via production photos). But Gondry has directed Charlie Kaufman scripts twice, and is a friend of Jonze as well, having founded the famed Director's Label with him back in the day. (Source)

Adaptation was released on Blu-ray recently, too. If you're interested in buying that one, you might like to grab it via any of the Amazon links here on BCK. Cos we get, like, a teeny tiny percentage of the profit.

Thanks to Johnny!

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