Being John Malkovich is out now in a spiffy Criterion DVD edition. That link will take you to the list of features, but here's a sample:

  • New selected-scene audio commentary featuring Jonze's friend and competitor the filmmaker Michel Gondry
  • New behind-the-scenes documentary by filmmaker Lance Bangs
  • New conversation between actor John Malkovich and humorist John Hodgman
  • New interview with Jonze in which he discusses his on-set photos

There's some question as to whether these feature are for-really-real or a bit tongue-in-cheek. Here's a snippet from one review:

The included pamphlet is dominated by an interview of Jonze, conducted by culture critic Perkus Tooth ... except Tooth is, in fact, a fictional character created by Jonathan Lethem. In a 15-minute short, Jonze celebrates the film's "30th anniversary" by showing us his on-set photography.

There is a director's commentary — except the director on the track isn't Jonze, but rather his friend Michel Gondry ("Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind"). Gondry's accent is so thick as to be nearly incomprehensible, and the track only accompanies roughly an hour's worth of scenes. Gondry seems slightly baffled by why he's there, so thankfully, halfway through, he calls Jonze and puts him on speakerphone for the remainder. Their discussion keeps returning to Gondry's jealousy and resentment over Jonze's greater success, which seems to take Jonze by surprise.

Spontaneous? Pre-planned? Who knows? (Source)

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My 'puter is having its annual meltdown, which is why I didn't update about this earlier.

Thanks to Anonymous or Not At All. ("Please list my name as anonymous or not at all," says the email I received. AND SO I TOTALLY DID.)

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