Celebrities Opt to Be Heard Rather Than Seen, from the NY Times, goes into more detail about this month's "Theater of the New Ear" stage collaboration between Charlie and the Coens.

The Coen brothers' play, "Sawbones," is about the star of a television series about a frontier veterinarian (Mr. Hoffman). The play by Mr. Kaufman, whose plots are famously convoluted, is somewhat harder to describe.

"It begins in a theater, and the very first sounds you hear are the band tuning up," Mr. Burwell explained. "And there's Muzak, because there's a play within the play that takes place within an elevator."

Well worth reading the whole thing. And I re-iterate my hope that maybe someone will record and MP3 at least Charlie's segment, when the play is broadcast on Sirius Satellite Radio. That would be superemely cool.

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