If you would like to buy Chuck Barris' Gong Show Movie script for $495, have I got the website for you! Head yourself over to Bloody Rare Books. (I heard about this via BoingBoing.net, and they say it's $300, even though I'm seeing $495. Maybe the price went up overnight?)

It was co-written with Robert Downey, Sr. in 1979, and became an actual movie that people could pay to watch with their own eyes, but not many people did, for reasons that remain unfathomable.

Says Bloody Rare Books:

First edition. Revised Draft screenplay. Original Movie Script. Item #5987


The script is bound with metal pins in black leatherette covers with the film's title stamped in red foil to front cover. The title page is dated June 14, 1979 and includes Chuck Barris production company info. Pages numbered 1-137 are a rainbow of colors, including white along with revision pages colored blue (and dated 5/23/79), yellow (6/8/79), green (6/11/79) and peach (6/19/79). All pages are clean and the screenplay exhibits only minor wear from light handling and use. (Source)

Here's a scan of what you can expect :



More scans are on Bloody Rare. And here's the trailer for the film. It looks amazing.






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