robix sends word of a CNN interview with Kevin Smith over at Relevant excerpt:

ZAHN: Let's talk about Jack Nicholson. He's out with in a new movie called "About Schmidt," and I guess Oscar talk is really loud on this one.

What did you think?

SMITH: I mean, there ought to be, like, an Oscar category just for Jack Nicholson so that he doesn't have to compete with everybody else. It seems like every time Jack Nicholson comes out in a somewhat dramatic role, people are like, it's Jack's year, he's going to win again. We're like, we know he's a great actor, he's wonderful, but maybe let's give somebody else a shot this time.

It's always a pleasure to watch Jack Nicholson, always a pleasure to watch Kathy Bates. Best picture of the year, "Confessions of a Dangerous Mind."

George Clooney, first-time director, made a better looking movie than my first five movies, far more visually engaged. I know that's really not that great a compliment, because my movies don't look that good, but I thought that movie was incredibly visually accomplished and incredibly well-directed, wonderful performances.

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