Flix have a great interview with Dino Stamatopoulos, in which he tells us pretty much everything I think we'd want to know about the upcoming Anomalisa animated flick, written by Charlie and funded by Kickstarter. Even though they reached their minimum funding goal of $200 000, they'd like to raise tons more money -- more money means a better quality film, and more money means they won't have to scratch their heads quite so much as to exactly how the money should be allocated.

Why bypass the system? You’ve have done so many weird things within Hollywood. (“Synecdoche New York” for Kaufman, “Community” for Harmon, “Moral Orel” for Stamatopoulos).
Yes, but you still have to go through networks. Even now, I’m not sure Charlie could have made that movie - things have changed drastically over the past few years. The money people will always want to change this, add that so they can make more money and we’re simply not willing to do that. Charlie wants to create the perfect Charlie Kaufman film, and for it to be something that he hasn’t done before - to be animated!


What’s the schedule right now?
Charlie’s pace, you know? I mean, we would like to start immediately but I don’t know how much time he’s gonna have, we’ve certainly started to talk about things, even though we don’t have the money yet. [The interview was conducted before the $200000 mark was reached.] Some preliminary ideas. I don’t think he’s gonna come full force till we know we have the money for sure. But he’s a very particular producer and writer – hopefully we’ll get started before the end of the year. (Source)

Can. Not. Wait.

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