Anomalisa has been getting a bit more coverage in the media, in the last week. It's mostly stuff drawn from the media release put out by the Anomalisa team (no doubt we'll hear more later), but here's a link to a bunch of articles, if you're interested. And here's the start of a Guardian article:

A Charlie Kaufman-scripted stop motion film has raised a record $406,237 (£250,600) via the crowdfunding website Kickstarter, capitalising on a new route into raising finance for film production.

Kaufman's project is an animated adaptation of his play Anomalisa, and will be produced in association with Dan Harmon, former showrunner on the hit US TV comedy Community, through the Starburns Industries production company. Billed as the tale of a celebrated motivational speaker who transforms the lives of others despite his own hollow and meaningless existence, it will eventually manifest as a 50-minute film directed by Duke Johnson, who oversaw the Emmy-winning stop motion episode of Community. (Source)

Production's expected to start in November. I may have mentioned that already. I can't remember.

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