Mohair is being attached to puppet heads. Repeat: mohair is goin' on the heads.

The latest Anomalisa update was posted on the Kickstarter page yesterday:

We’re super excited. We’re actually making this movie. We’re watching weeklies every Friday, and we’re starting to see the movie take shape. It’s amazing to see everything we’ve worked so hard on becoming real.

We must give a special shout-out to our hair department. They have been hand-laying mohair on our puppets’ heads for weeks. It brings our puppets to life. The process is super detail oriented. Each layer of hair has been laid by hand to create a realistic look. It’s giving us so much versatility in animating some of the puppets that have moving hair. Thank you to our super hair department!

We’re also excited about the Rapid-Prototyping process that we’ve been working on throughout the course of the movie. We’re using a 3-D printer to make the thousands of expressions we’re using in the movie.(Source)

More at the link, and also a photo of hair being hand-laid on a head! Cool.

Don't forget, too, there's an official Anomalisa Facebook page, and a Twitter account, and a Tumblr account. The Tumblr account is getting a bit more active, lately.

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